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Friday, 27 May 2022

We’ve never been your average beer and boerie festival, but this was a whole new level of adventure on the food and drinks front, with deliciousness appearing all over the farm…


Marigold prosecco cocktail (Oak Tree)
Haute Cabrière wines (Oak Tree)
Sake and cherry blossom green tea cocktail (Vegetable Garden)
Yakitori seasonal vegetable skewers (Vegetable Garden)


‘Skinny Bitch’ vodka with fresh lime (Main House Entrance)
Spiced amasi stout cocktail (Courtyard)


Hot mielies with turmeric butter, crushed poppadoms and dehydrated marigolds (Ateljee Courtyard)
Sterrekopje chicken koftas with herb salsa (Kitchen)
Hot rock flatbreads with labneh, dips and salsas (Courtyard)
Pumpkin and citrus soup with Sterrekopje bread and dukkah (Kitchen)
Sorghum and cauliflower risotto with crispy kale (Kitchen)
Wild mushroom pot pie (Kitchen)
Whiskey sour made with aquafaba (Conversatory)
Full bar (Conservatory)


Winelands cheeses with lemon and artichoke butter (Kitchen) 
Sterrekopje mini pavlovas with berries and sumac curd (Conservatory)
Glow-in-the-dark blanc mange (Basement)
Oat milk hot chocolate, with or without rum (Conservatory)

Food by John Joseph @slipperyspoonkitchen
Drinks by Cause and Effect @causeeffectbar 
Bars by Curated Events @curated_event_concepts  

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