“My endeavour is to create the future festival: A place where people who have seen and experienced many things can see and experience entirely new things. Or things done in entirely new ways. This is the essence of Littlegig.”

“People come to festivals to meet each other, to be inspired, to have fun, to escape. But they need to be in the right state of mind to do these things. Our job is to move them from the thinking brain to the feeling brain. As quickly as possible.”

“Music and food are at the centre because they are the most life-affirming ways of bringing people together.”

“I am inspired by people. The best thing about a festival should always be the people.”

“The rise of the mega-festival with tens of thousands of people has happened because events in the middle of nature are notoriously expensive to produce. Festivals – which started out as alternative spaces – have become a volume game.”

“The only way for premium events to counter accusations of elitism – which are inevitable – is to be exceptional, and to be conscious.”

“The human need for connection is as strong as the need for food and water. But saying you want to connect people is like saying you want to inspire them. It’s an outcome. How do you get there? By caring deeply. Really, that’s what we do – we care deeply about every aspect of the festival. The rest follows.”

“These days I hardly know anyone at the festival, but almost everyone I meet is interesting, creative, and taking responsibility for their own good time.”

“My values as expressed through Littlegig are: care deeply, work together, make it interesting.”

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