The world’s first fully-curated festival fashion concept store is one of Littlegig’s defining spaces. Of course, many festivals do fashion, but in the form of concession rails or stalls, usually with lots of sequins, shiny leggings, tribal feather headdresses and flower crowns.

We were tired of the predictable sameness that had come to define festival fashion, so we decided to do something about it. The concept store was an experiment. Why, when the rest of the festival was free, would people haul out their credit cards? Duh. It was mobbed from the moment it opened. Curated and merchandised by our two talented designer friends, Shirley Fintz and Lindy Cohen, the store was a magical space in the trees with no two things the same. Shirley, who is also a sculptor, reworked vintage clothing which she imported from around the world’s maxi-skirts made from Afghan wedding veils, transparent dresses from embroidered tulle from India, hoodies from silver-threaded indigo from West Africa. Lindy, who is also a fashion trend forecaster (see below), added her edge of dance-meets-streetwear. By the time we closed, there was practically nothing left on the rails.

As the store has grown, so too has the roster of designers, and in February we are thrilled to have big-name talent like Rich Mnisi and Marianne Fassler, menswear by Craig Port and Seth Shezi, and many others.

When curating the store, our guiding truth is that festivals are places of self-expression, so there should be no such thing as a blanket festival fashion look. For we are creatives, athletes, rebels, visionaries, royals, performers, tastemakers, caregivers, spiritualists, explorers, advocates, intellectuals. (Take the archetype test here to find out what you are.) And at Littlegig, it feels only right that we should dress like the best version of ourselves.

See you at the festival fashion concept store. Open on Saturday only, 11am-8pm. Payment is by cash or credit card.

Fashion trend forecaster and Xube co-designer Lindy Cohen says these are trends likely to appear on the festival fashion scene.

From top left, clockwise: Little girl with T shirt  @Madonna / Kansas City Bomber, Raquel Welch / Maison Margiela Fall Show 2015 / Delpozo Headwear / Lukhanyo Mdingi, Purgation  / Redressing the Crown, Joanne Petit-Frere Campbell Addy Photography Exhibition / Niijounral Katy Perry Vogue Cover / Comme Des Garcons, May 2017

ATHLETIC SQUAD / Our obsession with logos and health continues.
Inspiration: Hood by Air

ACTIVISM / Disillusion with hierarchy; the T-shirt as voting ground; the future is female. Inspiration: Jenny Holzer

RURAL ENTITIES / Use of rough-hewn textures and functional shapes.
Inspiration: Dolce and Gabbana basketry / Delpozo headwear

SHAPE SHIFTING /  Movement away from figure-hugging towards shapes that celebrate other parts of the body. Inspiration: Rei Kawakubo for Commes des Garcons

HAIR /  Changing silhouettes by using hair as a sculptural element.
Inspiration: Nagi Noda, Tresse Agoche

NB: Festival tickets are sold separately from tents. First buy your festival ticket, then select your tent. No more self-camping passes available.