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If you missed the boat visit Ticketpony, which connects you with people who need to buy or sell their festival tickets and/or tents. 


1) Go to, or log onto and search Littlegig 24H Festival 2018.
2) Under “Tickets available” select which tickets you want to purchase.
3) Select how many tickets you would like.
4) Fill in the payment details.
5) After payment is complete TicketPony will send you the tickets.


1) Go to
2) Click on “I want to sell a ticket”.
3) Click on “Click here” in Step 1.
4) Click on “Click here” in the ‘Connect your Quicket account’ to link your Quicket account.
5) Login securely to the Quicket website.
6) You will be redirected back to TicketPony.
7) Go to and click “I want to sell a ticket”. TicketPony will fetch your tickets from Quicket.
8) Select the tickets you want to sell and click “Continue”.
9) “Click continue”.
10) Enter the price that you wish to sell the ticket for.
11) Select how you would like to promote your tickets.
12) Enter your bank account details so we can pay you out, and click “Continue”.
13) Confirm your mobile number and click “Continue”.
14) Confirm all your details are correct.
15) One of our staff members will review your tickets and confirm your upload.