Where is Littlegig?
No need for padkos. Littlegig is at Wiesenhof farm in Stellenbosch’s Simonsberg Mountains, a 40-minute drive from Cape Town.

Directions from Cape Town:
Take the N1 towards Paarl. Take exit 47: Klapmuts, Stellenbosch R44 off-ramp. At the stop street turn right (underneath the N1). Go over the next 4-way stop (BP garage on your right) and continue straight for 3.5km until you reach Wiesenhof on your left. There’s a new entrance this year; just follow the signs.


What time do gates open and close?
Saturday 10am, so you can get settled before most of the action starts at 11am. The festival closes on Sunday at midday.

Can I buy more tickets at the door?
No, we’re sold out. Please visit Ticketpony for our reseller programme if you missed the boat.

I know you’re sold out but can I still buy a tent if I’ve got my ticket?
Yes, Basic Camping tents can be bought, subject to availability, until Sunday 11 February. All Glamping is sold out. Book here: https://goo.gl/1ZchxP

Do I need to bring my ID?
No, just a printed or digital copy of your barcoded ticket. Unless you’re an artist or VIP in which case we need to be sure it’s not your stunt double, so bring your ID and report to Artist/VIP Accreditation at the entrance.

I’m driving. Where do I park?
You’ll be directed to your parking zone according to your ticket or tent type.

Do I need to pre-arrange transport home?
No, there is a taxi rank at the bottom of the parking area. Cars will be available at the festival’s Taxi Point from 10pm on Saturday. If you’d like to pre-book your trip there or back, we have partnered with LZZ Taxis (Loyiso – 071 823 2307). 

If I arrive or leave by taxi (or driver), how will this work?
Because it’s a fair distance from the entrance area to the festival area, your taxi driver will be given an access disk to drop you at the Taxi Meeting Point, at the bottom of the parking area. Likewise, this is where your driver or taxi should fetch you if you have pre-arranged transport. No driver will be allowed out of his or her vehicle, so please be considerate and communicate.

What do I need to bring?
Arriving with the clothes on your back will see you through the fest, but what’s a great party without a wardrobe change? Advisable extras: swimming costume, towel, something warm for the evening and for sleeping (because shivering in your tent is a real downer), a head torch, a water bottle to fill up at the water station, a lock for your tent if you’re that way inclined, a yoga mat if you’re into Sunday morning stretching, allergy meds if you’re sensitive to dust, earplugs (the Secret After Party is set away from the camping area but still, this is a festival, people), bedding if your tent doesn’t come with linen. Pack in a back-pack or wheelie bag because it’s a few minutes’ walk from your car/taxi to your tent. Oh, and don’t forget your ticket.

Do I need to bring money?
Need to? Nah, practically everything is included. Want to? Yes, if you want a revamp from the Festival Fashion Concept Store, a ticket to the Paired Food and Wine Tasting, or a locker.

How do I find my tent?
Once you arrive at the carpark, follow the signs to either Camping or Glamping Reception and you’ll be given your tent number and location. Old hats you’ll notice that all the tents are now in one area.

Is there power in my tent?
No, so no hairdryers (visit the free hair and make-up salon instead) or plug points to charge your cell phone (bring a battery pack or you can also buy a charger at the Concept Store.)

I don’t have a tent or a car. Where can I stash my stuff?
This year we’ve got conveniently-placed lockers which cost between R60 and R145 (depending on whether they have a built-in charging station or not.) The lockers are big enough for a small backpack and are allocated on a first-come basis.. Book here> https://locked.nutickets.co.za/5888

Is there cell phone reception and/or Wifi?
3G reception on site can be patchy, but there will be Wifi in the festival area (though not in the camping area.) Look for the network Littlegig 24H; no password required. Please spread the love and hashtag #Littlegig18.

Is there a doctor in the house?
There’s an ambulance on site for medical emergencies, and lifeguards on duty. Paramedics are stationed at the medic tent for the full 24 hours and all security staff can contact the medics via radio. ‘Not that serious and you’re just freaking out? Take a half hour time-out to recharge and breathe at the Deep Sleep Tent, making its debut at Littlegig 2018.

What if I lose something?
If it’s your mind, head to the Medic’s tent. If it’s anything less valuable, head to the 24-hour manned Info Booth, where you will find Lost Property, festival maps, and a friendly face who can answer any festival-related questions.

I’ve lost my crew…what3words to the rescue!
What the what? What3words is the perfect festival friend-finding app. Download it for free for iOS or Android before you head to the festival, and get your friends to do the same. It gives every 3x3m in the world (and the festival) a unique three-word address, which you can share. Open the app, tap the arrow icon which will locate you and show your 3 word location, then share via Whatsapp. Your person, provided s/he has downloaded the app, taps on the shared link, taps ‘Get Directions’ and there you are, together again. Beautiful!

Do I smell smoke?
Hopefully not, unless you’re sitting around the Big Black Box campfire. There’s a serious fire plan in place with fire trucks on standby but don’t be a moron. It’s dry as a bone as we all know, so put your cigarettes out in the sand buckets provided and absolutely no smoking in the camping areas (or in your tent).

What’s the story with water?
Luckily Wiesenhof has a glorious dam for swimming, which will also supply the showers and toilets. Certified drinking water, supplied from springs in Stellenbosch (not municipal water) will be supplied from two purpose-built water stations and also served from jugs at the bars. We remain committed to becoming a plastic-free festival and so limit our use of bottled water…please don’t give the barmen the gears! At the water stations use the cups provided or – especially if you’re camping and want water in your tent – bring a refillable water bottle.  In the past we’ve served all drinks in real glasses which were washed at the festival, but in the interest of water-saving we are switching to compostable cornstarch drinking cups. (Other than champagne, which must be served in glasses. We draw the line!)

What about toilets and showers?
The Basic Camping and Glamping areas have warm showers and VIP loos. If you’re Glamping you may even have rented your own private portaloo, which we will set up behind your tent, so no 3am stumbling. Remember that one shower is all you need. (Did you even go to a festival if you arrive home pristine?) There are no showers in the self-camping area, so go jump in the lake. And there are more than enough toilets in the main festival area. Not a grungy loo in sight.

Did I hear someone say midnight skinny dip in the lake?
Whoa, keep your panties on! For safety reasons no swimming after dark. There’s also no access to the island after 9pm.

When will I be able to get food?
Pretty much around the clock – from 11am on Saturday to midnight. Plus – like any good sleepover – there are after-midnight snacks (a hot chip station, to be exact). Sunday Breakfast is from 9am to 11am.

What if I’ve bought a Basic Camping tent and my mattress is flat?
This shouldn’t happen as we pump the mattresses on the morning of the festival. But in the unlikely event that you spring a leak, there will be a cell phone number attached to your tent pole (alongside the tent number) which you can call at anytime, and someone will come and sort out your mattress.

Does the music run through the night?
Almost. The Secret After Party ends at 5am, and the Sunday Morning Concert starts at 9am. The After Party is set away from the tents but it’s not Silent Disco this year, so bring earplugs if you’d rather be dozing than dancing.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF HERE: Littlegig2018_Need to Know

The legal stuff: Right of admission reserved. Enter at your own risk. Littlegig is not responsible for any loss or damage to person or property. No under 21’s.