Deep Sleep | Littlegig 2018

Deep Sleep moodboard 1, by Lucia Brain

The DEEP SLEEP EXPERIENCE debuting at Littlegig 18, will take you where no other festival has before. Masterminded by experience designer Lucia Brain and guided by psychiatrist Dr Kevin Stoloff, the area is a pod of hanging cocoons that you’ll climb inside for 20 minutes. Specially-designed brainwave music will lead you to a place of surrender and you’ll emerge in a state of inspired clarity, ready once again for what the forest beholds.

MBCHB FC PSYCH (SA) spends much of his time 
helping  people with their many challenges related to sleep. He says:  

“Sleep is complex and mysterious, not only providing a deep window into our unconscious selves, played out in the high drama of dreaming, but has been described as the “golden chain that ties health and our bodies together“. During sleeping hours our brains are detoxified and maintained, in nothing other than a grand deep cleanse. Sleep is vital for us to restore and recharge, and is the incubator of creativity.

“Our brains produce various frequencies, according to our level of wakefulness. In order to enter the sleep state, our brains need to move down into the lower frequencies. In the Littlegig Deep Sleep tent, the music delivered through individual headphones is pitched at the frequency of the pre-sleep state, making sleep or deep relaxation more readily accessible.”


Deep Sleep | Littlegig 2018

Deep Sleep moodboard 2, by Lucia Brain

EXPERIENCE DESIGNER LUCIA BRAIN started her career designing interior spaces both locally and internationally before transitioning to the emerging field of tech-based experience design. She says:

“In a festival setting where we are highly stimulated, it is interesting to consider a space where we can be quiet, just for a moment. The forest lends itself to that. With this in mind, I wanted to explore visual and auditory tools for relaxation including the concept of music as medicine for rest and ultimately sleep.”

“The power of an intelligently curated festival space is that it can momentarily free us from the intensity of life, and in this place we are more open to connecting with ourselves, with others and even with the planet.”

“Design must move us and it must make us feel more alive. For me this happens at the edge of our familiarity, the space between comfort and discomfort.  This is the point where design shifts us into new ways of thinking and ultimately bring us closer to ourselves.”

The Deep Sleep Experience runs on Saturday from Sat 6pm to 12am. 15 people at a time may enter, on the half hour. Participants will be required to take off their shoes.